How to Ace Zoom Meetings – Look & Sound Good on Camera

24 Jun 20

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Great news. I’ve teamed up with Esther Stanhope and we are putting on this fun masterclass for you. And it’s free!

Tell all the women in business you know who want to ACE it on camera…

Please do Join us from the comfort of your own home, enjoy a cuppa (or something stronger) and come to our virtual masterclass

June 24th 2020 at 1pm-2pm 

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Esther’s Practical Tips Will Help You;

 Exude confidence in remote meetings & look good on camera!

  • Learn tips TV professionals use to help you succeed on screen
  • Master the art of engaging with audiences even when you’re virtual
  • Look, sound and feel confident at all times using body language & non-verbals
  • Master the art of flattering camera angles for VCs
  • Feel a little bit fabulous being connected with like minded professionals!


Regular Expert & host, Esther Stanhope, The Impact Guru is an international speaker and award winning author who’s helped Hollywood stars (remember she’s  interviewed George Clooney), Politicians and Business Execs radiate charisma live on air at the BBC.  She knows how to help you look, sound and feel good via the video lens

Esther has spoken to thousands of leaders all over the world – many very senior and seemingly confident.  She knows all about imposter syndrome, the voice of doubt, juggling parenting and most importantly HOW to boost confidence and physical presence!

You’ll will walk away with practical tips you can apply immediately into your new working-from-home life


Plus You can win or buy a signed copy of Esther’s award winning business book of the year!



 “Esther’s tips have been a game changer for me as a person and for the business. I’ve transformed my career and have so much more confidence to speak up. She is brilliant”

Andrea Delay – Barclays Bank  –  Head of Industry – Professional Services, London


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