The Glasshouse

When we first met Alison and her team, The Glasshouse hadn’t advertised in print for three years, but when they trialled a series of adverts in Time & Leisure they discovered how powerful advertising in a good local magazine can be.

Alison Telfer - The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse is a successful medi-spa owned by trained nurse Alison Telfer that started in Clapham, situated just off a busy shopping street. When a supplier offered them some budget to promote their brand they decided to explore their advertising options.

How to Create Advertising Success

  • The Glasshouse tried and tested various local print magazines
  • Time & Leisure proved to generate the most response
  • Booked a series of pages in a high profile position of the magazine
  • Promoted a monthly event
  • Asked every single inquiry where they heard about the event
  • They receive between 20-80 responses per month

The advertising is focused on generating response but rather than asking clients to booking appointments, they offer potential clients the opportunity to meet them first and find out more, creating a strong marketing funnel and building trust.

The Glasshouse Ad

How to Create a Marketing Funnel

A successful marketing funnel should initially appeal to as many people as possible, you then create a customer journey for them through to point of sale.

The most successful advertising offers a hook, telling readers what to do next, such as a discount offer, sale event or a reason to visit the website. The Glasshouse prefer not to offer discounts and offer clients the opportunity to go to an event.

Event with date: 20-40 responses
Event with no date: 60-80 responses
The Glasshouse advertorial

Successful New Launch

Alison and her team had an opportunity to open a second branch in Wimbledon Village. Using the success of their marketing in Clapham, they employed the same principles and engaged their secret weapon… This is how they did it.

Before they opened they ran a three-month advertising campaign.


In the run up to their opening they ran a series of advertorials so new customers could get to know the team.


Their advertising was personal, informative and tackled real reader issues.


By the time they opened they had generated over 300 enquiries and new clients were waiting for them to open their doors.

The Glasshouse ad
The Glasshouse ad
The Glasshouse ad

A Genuine Unique Selling Point (USP)

Alison has an excellent reputation in the cosmetic industry and is much-loved by her patients. Her professional reputation and strong client relationships makes her a super strong USP for the company, clients specifically come to the clinic because of Alison.

So using their ‘USP’ we designed an advertorial double page spread that allowed new customers to ‘meet’ Alison and learn about the services her team offers. The written style was personal, informative, helpful and tackled real problems that our readers experience.

And of course they promoted their signature event, a launch event with a fantastic goody bag, what is there not to love? Our readers agreed.

The Glasshouse