How to Run a Successful Competition with Time & Leisure

Find out how beauty brand Ilapothecary worked with Time & Leisure media experts to achieve a very successful competition outcome

The Ilapothecary Competition

Ilapothecary is a premium beauty brand with a store in Kensington and their product range is stocked in top retail outlets. The brand recently opened a concession in Elys of Wimbledon department store so they wanted to promote their new launch. They also wanted to attract customers to sign up to their newsletter. They talked to our media experts at Time & Leisure Media who considered how Ilapothecary could best achieve their business and marketing goals.

Why Time & Leisure Media?

Their marketing team wanted to reach the core demographic readership of Time & Leisure. Predominantly female, aged 35+, professional with high net income. With expert advice from our media consultants on how to run a successful competition, Ilapothecary achieved their marketing and business goals and were delighted with the results. This is how they did it.

The interest was amazing and we have over 1500 entries, we would love to do another with you in the future”


The Campaign Outline

  1. Ilapothecary offered great competition prizes that were desirable and had a high retail value.
  2. Our team proposed a multi-media campaign that reached readers with multiple touch points in print and digital.
  3. Ilapothecary agreed a campaign that included a page advert in print, a competition page online, promoted in the newsletter and social media.
  4. Promoting the competition across media platforms gaining important added value to the campaign; building brand awareness and trust in the magazine environment and amplification on digital channels.
  5. The strong call to action gave readers a reason to respond within a given time-frame. Many more readers saw the campaign and didn’t respond but the brand benefitted from the huge uplift in brand awareness with our readers.
  6. Our design team developed the promotion so that the message, offering and call to action is clear – making sure the promotion communicates clearly and effectively is one of the most important parts of your marketing.

Before and After Design

Key Takeaways

  • Magazines build trust more than any other media
  • Dual campaigns in print and digital have more than double the effect
  • Competitions offer a strong Call to Action that many businesses fail to offer when advertising meaning readers don’t respond directly to promotion
  • A successful competition is the result of an effective collaboration between a great brand and knowledgeable media team

What’s Next?

The Ilapothecary team had an overwhelmingly positive experience promoting their new launch and running a successful competition with Time & Leisure Media and are keen to continue to market Ilapothecary with us again.

“The interest was amazing and we have over 1500 entries, we would love to do another with you in the future”

Jules Mansell Green – Head of Retail UK, Ilapothecary

Want to Run a Successful Competition with Time & Leisure?

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