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Lucy Kane talks about how Time & Leisure Creative is helping some exciting brands achieve their vision

What sets Time & Leisure apart from other design agencies in the market?
Time & Leisure is all about community, long before it became the sexy buzz word it is today in marketing! We’ve enjoyed over 25 years of publishing Time & Leisure magazine. This has given us an amazing insight into local audiences and what readers are captivated and motivated by. So our team knows how to achieve the creative brand vision for our clients and content that truly engages and appeals to people.

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about creativity and innovation. We emphasise a collaborative process with our clients, ensuring that their vision is seamlessly integrated into the final product. 4 out of 5 customers say they highly value the relationship they have with the team. This dedication to personalised service and attention to detail is what sets us apart in the competitive design market.

Lucy Kane - Creative Brand Vision

What has been the highlight of your year so far?
It has been a momentous year for our Creative Design Agency. We started the year creating a new restaurant brand The Welsh House for Marco Pierre White and rolling it out for the restaurant launch. We had amazing feedback on the design and the whole team loved it. They had tight deadlines so our team had to be highly responsive and make sure the communication was prioritised. Hot on the heels of this we were selected to be the UK design agency for Katherine Jenkins’ new gin range Cygnet. The team is impressive vision – so it’s been amazing to be part of the creative brand vision from the start. Plus I have to say the gin is really, really good.

What has it been like working with Katherine Jenkins on her new gin?
Katherine is inspirational to work with, it’s refreshing to work with a celebrity who is so hands on with the brand. It’s very personal to her and she approaches it with all the integrity she gives to her career and family life. As a female founder she really cares that she has a female-led team to work with, creating a brand that is designed for women by women. She’ll email at 10pm at night, whether she is on set or travelling to New York, Cygnet is a priority for her.

How does the creative design process work?
We’ve enjoyed working on some really creative briefs for some craft rum brands. Right now I’m buzzing about the new release of Doctor Funks Tangerine Dream. The client allowed us creative freedom but throughout the design journey, we maintained open channels of communication, providing regular updates and seeking feedback at each stage of development. Client involvement and input are essential to ensure we deliver designs that exceed expectations. I agonised over the purple background colour but the client trusted our creative instinct and it absolutely paid off. The result is a hot, fresh, stand-out rum which I absolutely love sharing with friends after dinner.

Does Time & Leisure Creative collaborate with other professionals or agencies to offer comprehensive design services?
Absolutely! Our team values collaboration and believes in providing comprehensive design solutions. We have a network of trusted partners and specialists in related fields, such as content creation, marketing, websites, photography, and videography. This allows us to offer our clients a well-rounded package that uplifts all aspects of their design and marketing needs and ensure a strong brand consistency across all their communications.

How can potential clients get in touch with Time & Leisure Creative to discuss their design requirements and initiate a project?
We generally start with an informal chat to see how we can work together. The best creative design projects are highly collaborative and allow us to bring your vision to life. You can get in touch with us through our website and fill in a brief form to submit queries. Or better still, please reach out to us directly via phone or email. We welcome projects of all sizes but most of all we look forward to helping you reach your vision and next goals.

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